Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Someone please come steal my laptop so that I can get off of Pinterest !!   So far I need to hire a handyman to take care of all of the projects that I want done. I need a chef to make all of the Yummy Food that I see and I need a banker to finance all of the trips that I want to take. I hope my family appreciates all of this hard work that I am putting in on their behalf.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Football Football Football

FRA middle school

Caught a glipse of Tyler coming out of the locker room

Lefty in Action 

Friday Night Lights
From July to early November- Football consumes our lives. We are either at practice, traveling to games, tailgating before a game, attending games or YES you guessed it- watching games on TV !!  I'm so glad that I am married with a house full of boy's to watch these games with me. It will be a sad day in our life when the boy's are no longer playing Football. Hopefully there will be grandkids to go watch...

Snow -December 2008

turkey bowl-November 27,2008